Vistaprint Brochures for May 2017

How to Create Vistaprint Brochures

Creating Vistaprint brochures using the Vistaprint design gallery is fast, easy and affordable.

Brochures give potential customers information about your company, highlight your products, services and prices, and provide important contact information.

Once designed, you will be able to hand out, mail and display your personalized Vistaprint brochures for potential and repeat customers to learn about your business and use as a reference.

Use a Design Template

Begin on the Vistaprint Brochures webpage which you can find in Vistaprint’s home page navigation. Then click on “Use a Design Template”.

You will be brought to our design gallery where you can pick a design that reflects your business. You can search by keyword, industry or style to find a design that fits your needs.

Designgin Vistaprint Brochures starts with a design template.

Designing Vistaprint brochures starts with a design template.

If you are already in the gallery, this is where you start the process. Some of the designs have the Express Marketing Designs label; these have professionally-written marketing text already in place.

Update the text with your company information and offer, and you will have created a high-quality brochure within minutes.

Once you have picked the design template you want, you are ready to get started on the designing and writing.

You automatically start on the outside panels. Each panel has a unique number. A graphic at the bottom of the webpage shows each panel’s number.

Click on the “Choose a different outside template” link in the upper left-hand corner to pick a different design layout. You can also do this when editing the inside of your brochure at anytime.

Some of the sections are filled in with dummy information to get you started. Enter information in the text boxes on the left hand side of the page. As you click each one, the box where it appears will be highlighted and you will see the text appear on the brochure panel as you type.

By clicking on the text box inside the brochure, you can move it. Use the zoom-in and zoom-out buttons in the toolbar to help you view the Vistaprint brochures.

If you are unsure as to what elements to use, click on the “Writing advice” button above the brochure panel guide.

To insert another text box, click on the “Add text” button and move the box as necessary.

Add Your Image

Add a new image or your logo by clicking on the “Add image” button. This lets you upload an image, use a previously-uploaded image or select one from the extensive Vistaprint gallery.

After uploading, it will appear on the brochure. You can change the image size by using the crop boxes.

Save your work periodically. Once all of the text is in place, you can change the size, font and color by clicking on the text you want to change and then making your selections in the text portion of the toolbar.

When you are finished with the outside of your brochure, you can then start to work on the inside by clicking on the “Inside” link.

You can always go back to the outside easily. The same edits that you make on the outside panels, you can also make on the inside, including adding images, fonts and text boxes.

Final Approval

Once you are finished designing the brochure, initial in the online proof approval box at the bottom of the screen and your design will be saved.

You will be asked to approve both sides of the brochure and then be directed to the checkout process.

Now that you see how easy it is to make Vistaprint brochures, grab one of the Vistaprint coupons and save.

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Vistaprint Brochures for May 2017
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