Vistaprint Free Shipping for May 2017

Vistaprint Free Shipping

Free Vistaprint business cards have become synonymous with a fantastic deal for small businesses. That deal alone has defined the company by associating “Vistaprint” with “free business cards”. But free Vistaprint business cards is not the same as Vistaprint free shipping.

Now that Vistaprint has expanded well beyond its business cards, the company has to build on that reputation while not limiting itself to it.

Free Vistaprint Business Cards

From the beginning, the free business cards never had Vistaprint free shipping as part of the offer. There was always a shipping fee attached to this offer. The free cards generated enough interest without having to make anything else free. This prevented a deluge of orders that would have drained the company’s budget within a short time.

The shipping costs were calculated by the weight of the order while processing costs depended on the turnaround time. So the free business cards could wind up costing a lot if a fast 3-day turnaround time were selected.

So that is why free shipping does not accompany free business cards.

Vistaprint free shipping has been paired with products that are sold rather than given away. This lowers buyer resistance and increases sales.

Vistaprint Quote Calculator

Vistaprint makes it easy to check if your order will be charged shipping with the quote calculator. This functionality is available by clicking the Product Pricing link at the bottom of every Vistaprint webpage. There will be list of all the Vistaprint products available and then a long link titled “Get an instant quote including shipping and processing costs!”.

When you click this link, you will see a popup window with a product selection for you to navigate. Select your product on the first tab, choose the options for the product you selected and then click the third tab to see the final price and how it breaks down.

On the third tab, your first set of costs will be just the products only. Then there are the shipping options: Rush, delivery in three business days; Priority, delivery in seven calendar days and Standard, delivery in 14 calendar days.

The Instant Quote tool lets you know immediately if you qualify for Vistaprint Free Shipping.

The Instant Quote tool lets you know immediately if you qualify for Vistaprint Free Shipping.

So now the free business cards are not as free as you would like – they still cost money and you have to wait up to two weeks.

Vistaprint Free Shipping Coupon

So when a coupon comes along for Vistaprint free shipping, the margin of savings drops to a point where it may be better in the long run to pay for a product and get it shipped for free for not much more than ordering free business cards or other free products and still having to pay shipping.

The reason for this is that when you order free Vistprint business cards, each card has the Vistaprint advertisement on the back, making it two companies that are being featured on the business card: yours and Vistaprint. This dilution of branding hurts your business and helps Vistprint.

So perhaps it is better to pay for the business cards, eliminate the Vistprint ad and use a Vistprint free shipping coupon to reduce the price.

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Vistaprint Free Shipping for May 2017
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